ارسال ایمیل ناخواسته

1 پست در این موضوع

با سلام خدمت دوستان 

به تازگی یه مشکل برای من پیش آمده که در هاست من پیغام می یاد که یک ایمیل ناخواسته ارسال شده است 

The shoshkala account has just finished sending 1 emails.
There could be a spammer, the account could be compromised, or just sending more emails than usual.

After some processing of the /etc/virtual/usage/shoshkala.bytes file, it was found that the highest sender was, at 2 emails.

The top authenticated user was shoshkala, at 2 emails.
This accounts for 200% of the emails.  The higher the value, the more likely this is the source of the emails.
An authenticated username is the user and password value used at smtp time to authenticate with exim for delivery.

The most common path that the messages were sent from is /home/shoshkala/domains/, at 2 emails (200%).
The path value may only be of use if it's pointing to that of a User's home directory.
If the path is a system path, it likely means the email was sent through smtp rather than using a script.

This warning was generated because the 1 email threshold was hit.

Automated Message Generated by DirectAdmin 1.51.3


مشکل از کجاست و چگونه حل می شود
در ضمن من مبتدی هستم

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